The Dare to Dream Soiree // GIVEAWAY // The Imperial, Vancouver

Genicca approached me in September about a possible weekday photoshoot and I was excited about the ideas she had. She reached out to the team behind The Dare to Dream Soiree hoping there would be some ladies available. To our surprise the response was huge - perks of being surrounded my other #Badass Lady bosses I guess!! 

Her idea for this meet up was to share everyone's dreams, and it turned into just that...and more, I think. We each took turns and many opened up about their past, present and future. It turned into such a powerful morning. I want to share with you Genicca's hopes & dreams for this fabulous fundraiser. Read below for our interview, I just loved her answers. They really give an insight into her inspiration behind it all...

1. What inspired you to create such a fundraiser?

I was inspired to create an event where I can provide an opportunity for the Dreamers to shine their brilliance, regardless of what they were passionate about. I imagined a space where like-spirited individuals could connect in real-time, have non-structured conversations (no elevator pitches) and talk about the things that we so often keep to ourselves. I wanted to bring people together in the spirit of giving back – because there’s a chance we might realize our impact in the community when we are compassionate and generous with our God-given gifts and our time.

I wanted people to look inside, ask one another and think….

What lights you up? What dreams would you chase if you weren’t afraid?

In June 2016, I breathed life into The Dare to Dream Soirée.

I want more than anything for everyone involved and attending to feel empowered, inspired and awakened; this is my mission and what I am all about.

2. What are your hopes & goals for the D2D Soiree?

My goal, first and foremost, is to provide an experience for everyone involved - volunteers, sponsors, vendors, performers, attendees - to feel a sense of belonging; a sense of teamwork; and a feeling that their contribution makes a difference. This is important to me because this is what GIVING BACK should feel like - this is what being a part of something beyond yourself is all about.

My second goal is to HIT OUR GOAL of raising $3000 for Raw Beauty Talks!

My last goal is that everyone attending makes powerful connections with other dreamchasers in our city, that each person can put aside any worries or challenges that they are currently facing and simply let loose, laugh and kick back! I would love to see everyone in the room with bright smiles, celebrating in the name of LOVE!

3. What makes this night different from other fundraisers?

I thought it would be nice to combine traditional networking with live performances and some dancing! I think that what brings us together is when we collectively aspire the same thing - if our goal is to GIVE BACK to a cause that is meaningful to us, we can instantly find common ground. There is nothing more powerful than being in a room filled with people who have similar goals, dreams, values and purposes!

4. Can we expect more of these events?

Absolutely! This is the First Annual Dare to Dream Soiree... next year will be bigger and better!

Since this experience has made such a big impact in my Life, my goal is to bring the Dare to Dream Soiree to Vancouver every year! The BIG GOAL is to take it across Canada one day. I believe that every dreamer needs to be awakened.

hanks Genicca! I appreciate the time you took to answer my questions, I know you are living that mom hustle with bringing everything together for this big night balancing with those night time feeds and demands of a toddler. 

I am so thankful to be a part of this event, and even more excited with the opportunity to giveaway TWO TICKETS! Keep scrolling for the details ;)




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