Brittany + Brandon Married // Walnut Beach Resort Wedding Photographer

Two years flew by! 

It was August 2015 when Brittany first connected with me about their 2017 destination wedding. It seemed so far away at the time, I was almost 8 months pregnant but already dreaming about a wonderful 'getaway' (in Wine Country, to boot!)  It's really difficult to call it work when you are lucky enough to photograph friends in a beautiful location. As luck would also have it, I attended a wedding at Walnut Beach in 2016 and was able to scope out the venue in person!

Leading up to the big day I loved working with Louise, the mother of the bride + wedding planning extraordinaire, as we sorted over the details of the timeline. Because of this I learned that the brides brother Tyler would be singing their first dance song - how special is that!? He was joined on stage with this girlfriend Amy Lin on the keyboard. We also chuckled over trying to remember the timeline as just a guideline - however, everything went off without a hitch and perfect timing. 

The groom + bridal party looked incredible, but the bride definitely stole the show in her stunning BLUSH dress - which happened to be another little secret detail I was excited about. To say the weather was a tad hot that day would be an understatement, kudos to them all for braving the heat for some amazing photo locations. 

Now, as a once-newlywed myself, I avoid trying to bug couples about babies. But if you know Brandon + Brittany at all you will know they are going to make the best parents one day. They are already great fur-baby parents to Cinnamon who joined us for a few photos in the nk'mip vineyard (where I also feel bad about us learning the hard way about Stinging Nettle lol)

Thank you both so much for having us there is capture this day!


Venue: Walnut Beach Resort, Osoyoos
Second Shooter: Amanda Wilkes
Videographer: Asymetriq Productions Inc.
Makeup: Nicole Pacheco Makeup
Hair: Beyond Beauty
Floral: Polka Dot Door Boutique
DJ: Affordable Quality Music 
Commissioner: Peter Steele

Nectar Yoga B+B Retreat // Bowen Island Photographer

#blissonbowen. That hashtag nails it. Last month I had the wonderful opportunity to explore Bowen Island for the very first time - and definitely not the last.

Having grown up in the Lower Mainland I feel like I ‘know’ most areas of the South Coast. But I never realized what bliss was situated only a 15 minute ferry from Vancouver. And, what really made this trip incredible was the people I went with and the place we stayed. 

Bowen Island Photographer

It’s not every day that I hop into a car with strangers. It was literally the first time meeting Janette of Ava to Zoe, and Kat of The Pampered Baby in person when they picked me up. I was already lucky to know Heydy of Raising Jay & Abel, so I figured I would return alive! lol. Realistically, I still would have gone had I not known any of them. I’m a believer in following signs, and I knew this trip was what I needed, and felt that I’d be able to round out our foursome nicely with being able to photograph our journey. I was greeted with the warmest hugs and just like that we were on our way.

Bowen Island Photographer-5260.jpg

This journey led us to Nectar Yoga B&B for a Yoga Retreat where we stayed on the property that owner, Andrea, and her partner live. Immediately upon arrival you feel a different way of life, yet you are still so close to the hustle of the city (her partner actually takes the water taxi to his work downtown everyday!) The property has two cottages each with their own desirable features.  Janette & Kat stayed up in the Nectar Loft and Heydy and I took the Forest Cottage. Our place had an outdoor shower on the deck! yes, completely outside, but covered in just enough for some privacy but a full view of the majestic forest that surrounds you. What an experience that was! It is a must-do if you stay here. 

Also on the must-do-list would be to experience the unique Yoga Dome that Andrea teaches out of.  Okay,…so I may wear yoga pants on the daily, but I would never consider myself to be Yogi in the slightest, lol. Luckily Andrea has an infectious calming effect and I was excited to try something new. We attended 3 guided Meditation & Yoga sessions during our stay each with different focuses. It ranged from slightly intense with some pilates influence to complete and utter relaxation using bolsters to stretch out areas we don't normally. I truly appreciated all the knowledge, wisdom and snippets of her own personal story she shared with us along the way. It’s been two years since they opened Nectar and started living out their dreams and am so happy for them and all their success. Did I mention she also cooks and serves a delicious & healthy breakfast each morning!? 

Meals together really gave us the chance to build on our connections with one another, whereas the meditation was great to reflect within. In ways our personal challenges are all different, and in ways they are all the same but Motherhood for all four made for an immediate bond. We stayed up late sharing many stories and laughs (and perhaps some wine) and let go of our day to day worries. It was because of Janette’s wonderful message of Self-Love and her desire to share it with others that we all found ourselves on the trip. I feel so fortunate that I was one of them and to have the help from family to make it possible. Having 3 kids 4 and under and a business to run makes it important to take some time out to keep your cup full. I was anticipating a crazy rest of the month so this was the perfect trip to relax and recharge to head into it. 

This mid-week getaway was also the perfect inspiration to truly kick off my blog. Janette, Kat & Heydy are incredibly successful bloggers and it was fun to take a behind the scene glimpse into their world. I am so thankful for each of you! So here we are, welcome to the blog! Excited to share more of my images and the stories behind them - you might just see some of these ladies  coming to the studio for a taste of my world. #selfcare


If you are looking for the perfect girl getaway, or time with a loved one, this would be the perfect spot. I would be back in a heartbeat! Connect with them below:

Facebook: Nectar Yoga B&B Bowen Island
Twitter: @NectarYogaBnB
Instagram: @nectaryogabnb