THE ARCHIVES // Matt + Michelle: Partners in Crime Engagement Session

Life was different in 2013. 

Back then Matt & Michelle were just a carefree, engaged couple looking for their next thrill (and possibly a way to finance their impeding nuptials) They’ve been partners in crime from the start…

But then, in the middle of a session, they had an idea...

I’m actually sitting across the street from the scene of the crime as I’m writing this, and I cannot stop laughing to myself. Michelle came to me with this idea she was inspired by on Pinterest (…I think it was Pinterest at that time?) Obviously I was all over it because we are both a couple of hams. The concept was hilarious but I think the funniest part here was the fact Matt AGREED to do it.

…now in 2018, married for 4 years, 2 kids and 2 dogs. They don't live life on the wild side as much LOL Maybe we’ll have to involve the kids and do The Incredibles theme one day!

Langley Family Photographer.jpg

Amber + Alan Engaged // Backyard Vineyards // Langley Engagement Photographer

We are so lucky to have such beautiful spots out here in the Fraser Valley, and I was so excited when Amber suggested somewhere I'd never been to! Backyard Vineyards was not only beautiful it provided us such variety in one location. They were so welcoming of us to shoot there and we couldn't resist leaving with a few bottles each! Delicious! 

This was the first time I'd met the groom-to-be, Alan, and loved hearing his Irish accent of course! He and Amber were very easy to capture, we had a lot of laughs and took an adventure throughout the property. I think starting off with a glass of wine in their spectacular tasting room was a good choice though. I have to say this couple is full of good choices - their beautiful wedding day at Westwood Plateau is up next on the blog! 

Langley Engagement Photographer-1211.jpg