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Fun, Fashion, Friends…that Rhyme ;) What more could one possibly want? This was the ultimate Business Branding Photography session. Through the power of social media (thanks Janette!) Nadine connected with me to book while her business partner would be on the same continent - Sabine would be visiting the West Coast from Germany. To say I was honoured they chose me to capture them would be an understatement!

The day felt like perfection. Professional Hair + Makeup, on brand outfits for headshots, a model for Lifestyle + Product shots, a lot of sun and a little wind action. Not only are these two SO kind, they have a wonderful story and a beautiful line of handmade clutches and wristlets:

In a nutshell, these two met living as expats in Beijing with Nadine originally from Vancouver and Sabine from Belgium. But there is no way I can trump their witty and brilliantly written story on their website. I asked them some questions of my own to get to know them better:

So I can see where the name comes from, but is there a story to how it came about?
I guess, ultimately, we have our parents to thank! We didn’t think much about our rhyming names until we walked into a gathering of friends once and someone said, “hey, it’s friends that rhyme!” After that, it stuck. And no, we are not sisters (adopted or otherwise)…although someone once asked if we were, saying that a father would do that – names that rhyme. It’s a good thing as Sisters That Rhyme just doesn’t have the same ring to it.

We definitely can see the visual beauty in your pieces, what are the stories behind them?
Thank you so much! It all started when we went on a joint family ski trip to Japan. We stumbled upon a fantastic little stuffed-to-the-rafters antique shop. Way at the back, we found shelves with gorgeous embroidered silks. Turns out they were vintage obi sashes – the belt worn with a kimono. We are notorious for picking up pretty things with plans to figure out what to do with them later (yes, dear husbands, we know you call that hoarding), and these beauties got that same treatment. Long story short, we fiddled with some different designs and ultimately came up with clutches and wristlets. Our bags are made from vintage fabrics, and all are handmade. We love that they are unique and have their own stories. The obi bags are also very limited in production as those sashes are only so long! All of our items also come with a little story card. The obi cards include the name of the pattern (we have lots of fun coming up with those – if nail polish companies can do it, why can’t we?!) and in the case of clutches, also their limited edition number.

What are some hopes + dreams for your business? 
We’ve had a ton of fun getting Friends that Rhyme off the ground, and ultimately, we hope for it to always be that way. On the practical side of things, of course we dream of growing our brand and one day, making this our sole working focus. We joke that we’ll know we’ve made real progress when we can just be called FTR and no one questions what that means.

I love that you came in for a session - what makes it important to you to have custom professional photos?
In terms of the product, our clutches and wristlets are all about colour and texture. We like to think we do a pretty fine job on a day-to-day basis with pics, but having professional photos really makes our products sing. And to be practical, we needed to fluff ourselves up a bit and get some good photos for the website and other uses. As much as we’re all about authentic, in-the-moment selfies, presenting a polished version of our selves is important, too.

But, the photoshoot was more than that. We no longer live in the same city, and not even on the same continent. We wanted to take advantage of our time together this summer to capture the spirit of our brand and the deep friendship that is its foundation. You nailed it! The photoshoot was so much fun. We laughed a ton and now have great memories of a really fantastic experience.

Thank you ladies, once again. It was a blast! Perhaps we need to plan the next shoot abroad, lol!

Connect with them here:

Instagram + Facebook: @friendsthatrhyme

Best Friend Mugs by:  Pier Prints  found at:  The Local Space

Best Friend Mugs by: Pier Prints found at: The Local Space