Brittany + Brandon Married // Walnut Beach Resort Wedding Photographer

Two years flew by! 

It was August 2015 when Brittany first connected with me about their 2017 destination wedding. It seemed so far away at the time, I was almost 8 months pregnant but already dreaming about a wonderful 'getaway' (in Wine Country, to boot!)  It's really difficult to call it work when you are lucky enough to photograph friends in a beautiful location. As luck would also have it, I attended a wedding at Walnut Beach in 2016 and was able to scope out the venue in person!

Leading up to the big day I loved working with Louise, the mother of the bride + wedding planning extraordinaire, as we sorted over the details of the timeline. Because of this I learned that the brides brother Tyler would be singing their first dance song - how special is that!? He was joined on stage with this girlfriend Amy Lin on the keyboard. We also chuckled over trying to remember the timeline as just a guideline - however, everything went off without a hitch and perfect timing. 

The groom + bridal party looked incredible, but the bride definitely stole the show in her stunning BLUSH dress - which happened to be another little secret detail I was excited about. To say the weather was a tad hot that day would be an understatement, kudos to them all for braving the heat for some amazing photo locations. 

Now, as a once-newlywed myself, I avoid trying to bug couples about babies. But if you know Brandon + Brittany at all you will know they are going to make the best parents one day. They are already great fur-baby parents to Cinnamon who joined us for a few photos in the nk'mip vineyard (where I also feel bad about us learning the hard way about Stinging Nettle lol)

Thank you both so much for having us there is capture this day!


Venue: Walnut Beach Resort, Osoyoos
Second Shooter: Amanda Wilkes
Videographer: Asymetriq Productions Inc.
Makeup: Nicole Pacheco Makeup
Hair: Beyond Beauty
Floral: Polka Dot Door Boutique
DJ: Affordable Quality Music 
Commissioner: Peter Steele

Business Spotlight: Teri Holland // Langley Headshot Photographer

We love spotlighting and supporting our client's businesses!

Teri Holland is a Trainer of NLP, Hypnotherapy and Time Line Therapy® and a Master NLP Coach. She came to my studio in Langley to update her headshots with a personal branding session. Clean backgrounds, whites, blacks and one of her signature colours - purple - were incorporated into the shoot. We wanted to showcase her confidence with some authentic moments. I just love that she is already using her images in different marketing materials - Facebook Covers, Course Advertisements, and a nice fresh image for each social media profile. These days the one standard corporate headshot is not cutting it when you are the face of your business. 

Teri Holland Langley Headshots.jpg

Teri is multi-talented and when I asked her what she does I was so impressed with her clear and concise answer: I help people to move from where they are to where they want to be in a short period of time so they can get the results they want. I work mainly with entrepreneurs and executives. 

We also asked her a few questions about her business:

1. What are you currently offering? 

  • 1 on 1 coaching in my Personal Breakthrough Sessions
  • online group coaching through my new program "Power. Purpose. Prosperity."
  • Workshops- Secrets of The Empowered Life, Empowered Sales Communication, Empowered Relationships
  • Training- NLP Practitioner, Hypnosis, Time Line Therapy® Practitioner, 
  • Corporate Training- Sales, Strategies, Communication, Values
  • I'm also creating a new Mastermind Program

2. What would be one of your favourite tips for clients?

This is your life. Create it the way you want it.  

3. Tell us a bit about your hopes and goals for 2017

My goals are for massive expansion in my business, specifically through public speaking. I have big goals to be on big stages. 

4. We were so thrilled to update your recent branding photos at our studio. Can you share some of your experience and why you feel updated photos are so Important?

I work in communication and to me it's so important that the images I put online communicate the right message and reflect the work I do. I had photos taken previously and although I loved them at the time, I felt I out grew them. They no longer reflected me and how I want to connect to my audience. In our increasingly visual society, I think it's so important that we, as business owners, have images that clearly communicate who we are and what we do. As I evolve in my business, I want updated photos to reflect that. 

I have been fortunate enough to hear Teri speak a few times and have always been blown away with a bunch of 'ah-ha' moments. I encourage you to connect with her and discover more about what she offers:

Langley Personal Branding Photography

Amber + Alan Married // Westwood Plateau Golf Club Wedding // Coquitlam Photographer

The rain definitely did not damper Alan & Amber's day.

We started off with Amber and her ladies getting ready at the Grand Villa Hotel in Burnaby, and man was it ever a gorgeous room! But of course the bride stole the true beauty of the room, I loved her champagne based dress paired with a long, flowing black style for the bridesmaids. Alan was just a quick drive a way at their apartment in Vancouver getting ready with his groomsmen. The getting ready photos - of the both guys and gals - are always some of my favourites. I think its just anticipation of it all! Mimosas often help calm those nervous though ;)

This was a first for me where a groom required makeup because of a bachelor party incident. This one involving Alan, a dress, and a curb. Boys! lets do these things well in advance of the big day lol Way to stress us ladies out! Everything worked out fantastic though and was just another part to making this day memorable, right!? The fact that Alan, his family and many of his friends are from Ireland was memorable for me. Loved hearing all the accents!

We arrived at the Westwood Plateau (with the rings thankfully) and did the ceremony, photos and reception all in beautiful venue. There really was no need to leave and the rain even let up for us to hop on a golf cart and take some outdoor photos. 

It was seriously so much fun getting to know these two!



Venue: Westwood Plateau Golf & Country Club, Coquitlam
Second Shooter: Amanda Wilkes
Wedding Planner: Allyson's Beautiful Weddings
Makeup: Jayme Donald, RoryJames Makeup Artistry
Hair: Rebecca Kaspick, Envy Hair Design
Floral/Decor: A Unique Boutique
DJ: Tyler Haynes
Officiant: David Brown

ROB ENGELQUIST // this is life.

So here’s the thing, I’ve been known to be all about the ladies. Because let’s face it, we ROCK! lol. Between my beauty & boudoir lines the focus has been on creating an empowering experience for any and every woman. That was until Robbie. 

Rob reached out to me for a headshot and I was glad to do it thinking we’d get a few simple & classic images. I’d say we got more than that. He is the inspiration for me starting my blog series: this is life. So much of my work features women and I love this opportunity to include the gentlemen. It means a lot to start it with Robbie because I know he has such an important story to share. 

I’ve know Rob since high school where he was well-known, the life of the party and an avid hockey player. Never did I realize at that time what was going on in the inside. Now at 33 everything he has been through has brought him to be the phenomenal writer, rapper, stand-up comedian & aspiring actor we know now. With all these achievements under his belt and many future dreams it may be surprising to learn he doesn't even like leaving his own house. Rob has schizophrenia. Diagnosed at age 18 and on a journey ever since. 

“As a child I heard strange and distorted voices inside and outside of my head, I also suffered from vivid hallucinations that left me feeling possessed and extremely scared.”

His struggles began much before the age of 18, with the voices beginning as early as 3 years old. As it progressed so did his anger and rebellion and his parents were doing everything possible they could to help. He turned to drugs and alcohol and lost all respect for authority which eventually got him expelled from school. It got the point of being so overwhelming and suicidal he was admitted into RCH Psych ward and later spent 3 months in Riverview Hospital.

“The mental pain that I endured in the day followed me into my dreams, the demonic screaming that I heard when I was awake stayed with me when I fell asleep”


So this is life, for Robbie.


Even though he was given the diagnosis of schizo affective disorder, he’d like you to know that's not who he is, rather something he has. I have always admired his willingness to share about his struggles and the incredibly powerful things he has done to help spread awareness. At 21 he became a comedian in a group called ‘Stand up for Mental Health’ and did over 200 shows in a span of 8 years. After that he was able to record some of his songs on a few albums and loves to spend his day writing and listening to vinyl records. He now teaches police officers at the justice institute about mental illness, and his purpose in life is to spread the love this world so desperately needs. 

Although I already knew much of this story, I learned many new things (read the full interview here). The most exciting was to hear about the autobiography he has been writing. Living with a mental illness can come with some stigmas, and we need to change that. When I see Robbie all I see is a talented individual who has the most unconditional love for his family & friends. He is so great with our kids, and excited to be an Uncle himself soon…and I can’t forget - an unreal cook! That’s his passion and joy and he cooks every single day.

If you, or someone you know is struggling, and ever need to reach out you can contact Robbie on Facebook or email: He says getting help can be trying at times, but don’t ever give up. It’s important to express yourself to someone you trust. 

I’ve been passionate about every woman deserving beautiful portraits for years. During my sessions we have fun and my goal is to have you leave feeling uplifted and empowered. When Robbie saw his images I was blown away to hear “wow, I have never seen myself this way”. In that moment I realized every PERSON deserves amazing portraits of themselves. 

Do you have a story to share and a desire to be photographed? 

Reach out to me at:

Amber + Alan Engaged // Backyard Vineyards // Langley Engagement Photographer

We are so lucky to have such beautiful spots out here in the Fraser Valley, and I was so excited when Amber suggested somewhere I'd never been to! Backyard Vineyards was not only beautiful it provided us such variety in one location. They were so welcoming of us to shoot there and we couldn't resist leaving with a few bottles each! Delicious! 

This was the first time I'd met the groom-to-be, Alan, and loved hearing his Irish accent of course! He and Amber were very easy to capture, we had a lot of laughs and took an adventure throughout the property. I think starting off with a glass of wine in their spectacular tasting room was a good choice though. I have to say this couple is full of good choices - their beautiful wedding day at Westwood Plateau is up next on the blog! 

Langley Engagement Photographer-1211.jpg

The Dare to Dream Soiree // GIVEAWAY // The Imperial, Vancouver

Genicca approached me in September about a possible weekday photoshoot and I was excited about the ideas she had. She reached out to the team behind The Dare to Dream Soiree hoping there would be some ladies available. To our surprise the response was huge - perks of being surrounded my other #Badass Lady bosses I guess!! 

Her idea for this meet up was to share everyone's dreams, and it turned into just that...and more, I think. We each took turns and many opened up about their past, present and future. It turned into such a powerful morning. I want to share with you Genicca's hopes & dreams for this fabulous fundraiser. Read below for our interview, I just loved her answers. They really give an insight into her inspiration behind it all...

1. What inspired you to create such a fundraiser?

I was inspired to create an event where I can provide an opportunity for the Dreamers to shine their brilliance, regardless of what they were passionate about. I imagined a space where like-spirited individuals could connect in real-time, have non-structured conversations (no elevator pitches) and talk about the things that we so often keep to ourselves. I wanted to bring people together in the spirit of giving back – because there’s a chance we might realize our impact in the community when we are compassionate and generous with our God-given gifts and our time.

I wanted people to look inside, ask one another and think….

What lights you up? What dreams would you chase if you weren’t afraid?

In June 2016, I breathed life into The Dare to Dream Soirée.

I want more than anything for everyone involved and attending to feel empowered, inspired and awakened; this is my mission and what I am all about.

2. What are your hopes & goals for the D2D Soiree?

My goal, first and foremost, is to provide an experience for everyone involved - volunteers, sponsors, vendors, performers, attendees - to feel a sense of belonging; a sense of teamwork; and a feeling that their contribution makes a difference. This is important to me because this is what GIVING BACK should feel like - this is what being a part of something beyond yourself is all about.

My second goal is to HIT OUR GOAL of raising $3000 for Raw Beauty Talks!

My last goal is that everyone attending makes powerful connections with other dreamchasers in our city, that each person can put aside any worries or challenges that they are currently facing and simply let loose, laugh and kick back! I would love to see everyone in the room with bright smiles, celebrating in the name of LOVE!

3. What makes this night different from other fundraisers?

I thought it would be nice to combine traditional networking with live performances and some dancing! I think that what brings us together is when we collectively aspire the same thing - if our goal is to GIVE BACK to a cause that is meaningful to us, we can instantly find common ground. There is nothing more powerful than being in a room filled with people who have similar goals, dreams, values and purposes!

4. Can we expect more of these events?

Absolutely! This is the First Annual Dare to Dream Soiree... next year will be bigger and better!

Since this experience has made such a big impact in my Life, my goal is to bring the Dare to Dream Soiree to Vancouver every year! The BIG GOAL is to take it across Canada one day. I believe that every dreamer needs to be awakened.

hanks Genicca! I appreciate the time you took to answer my questions, I know you are living that mom hustle with bringing everything together for this big night balancing with those night time feeds and demands of a toddler. 

I am so thankful to be a part of this event, and even more excited with the opportunity to giveaway TWO TICKETS! Keep scrolling for the details ;)




In the spirit of GIVING BACK, I am giving away *A PAIR OF TICKETS*


(1) “LIKE” my Facebook Page:
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(2) Click “GOING” to the Dare to Dream Soiree (Click “GOING” button)

(3) Tag 2 friends on the FACEBOOK POST who love to network, shop, dance + MAKE A DIFFERENCE

This GIVEAWAY CLOSES on Saturday November 19th at midnight PST. 

ONE WINNER will be randomly chosen from those who have properly ENTERED-TO-WIN!!



Freshen up your image with #GivingTuesday Headshots // Langley Headshot Photographer

I'm excited to launch the first of our signature headshot days happening at the studio and with this time of season its the perfect way to team up and give back. Megan Parker, founder of Fraser Valley Boss Ladies, and marketing & event specialist herself has joined forces with Kristy Powers Portrait to bring you Headshots for a Cause with GivingTuesday. 

What is GivingTuesday?
The first time I heard about this day was at the last chamber meeting we attended and we knew we wanted to be a part of this initiative.

GivingTuesday is a National Giving Day

Most people know about Black Friday and Cyber Monday  …now GivingTuesday is coming to Canada on November 29, 2016.

It is a new Canadian movement for giving and volunteering, taking place each year after Cyber Monday. The “Opening day of the giving season,” it is a day where charities, companies and individuals join together to share commitments, rally for favourite causes and think about others. Check out more on their website:

Half of the sales from this day will be going directly to causes close to our hearts (more info below) and the remaining proceeds will be reinvested back into the community to support local businesses in Langley! 


When: Thursday November 24 + Tuesday November 29 // 9am - 3pm *LIMITED SPACES*

Where: Kristy Powers Portrait // Downtown Langley // Address + Parking instructions will be emailed

Who: Everyone + Anyone who needs a headshot! Professional Hair + Makeup can be added on

Whats included: $150 - 20 minute session with one look (you can add/remove a tie, scarf, glasses, blazer etc to sneak two 'looks' in one, different background options) your choice of two fully retouched images with print/share release. 

How to Book or for more info: Email or call 604-454-4468. $75 non-refundable deposit required to hold your spot. Payable by cash, cheque, e-transfer or credit card.

BONUS: all of my signature headshot days come with an invitation back to credit your $150 to a full portrait session in my studio! This can include full personal branding session for your business, boudoir, glamour/beauty portrait sessions, etc. 


What are we supporting?

Megan and I were able to select two causes that are in line with both our companies visions. A lot of my photography work focuses on empowering women through portraits and Megan's Fraser Valley Boss Ladies group does the same by supporting female entrepreneurs through networking and collaboration. Our businesses are based in Langley and we are both advocates for supporting the local community.

$50 from each session booked will be donated to the Langley Memorial Hospital Foundation. By supporting the LMH Foundation we can make an impact on the healthcare in our community. For me personally, I had my son Evan at this hospital and I love to be able to give back. 

$25 from each session is going towards The Gift of Giving 2016, organized by Danielle Wiebe. This represents the cost of covering 1 gift for a woman in need this holiday season. I was fortunate enough to help out in the promo photos last month in Fort Langley with all the gorgeous fall colours. It really represented the beauty of this initiative. Check out more info here

Nectar Yoga B+B Retreat // Bowen Island Photographer

#blissonbowen. That hashtag nails it. Last month I had the wonderful opportunity to explore Bowen Island for the very first time - and definitely not the last.

Having grown up in the Lower Mainland I feel like I ‘know’ most areas of the South Coast. But I never realized what bliss was situated only a 15 minute ferry from Vancouver. And, what really made this trip incredible was the people I went with and the place we stayed. 

Bowen Island Photographer

It’s not every day that I hop into a car with strangers. It was literally the first time meeting Janette of Ava to Zoe, and Kat of The Pampered Baby in person when they picked me up. I was already lucky to know Heydy of Raising Jay & Abel, so I figured I would return alive! lol. Realistically, I still would have gone had I not known any of them. I’m a believer in following signs, and I knew this trip was what I needed, and felt that I’d be able to round out our foursome nicely with being able to photograph our journey. I was greeted with the warmest hugs and just like that we were on our way.

Bowen Island Photographer-5260.jpg

This journey led us to Nectar Yoga B&B for a Yoga Retreat where we stayed on the property that owner, Andrea, and her partner live. Immediately upon arrival you feel a different way of life, yet you are still so close to the hustle of the city (her partner actually takes the water taxi to his work downtown everyday!) The property has two cottages each with their own desirable features.  Janette & Kat stayed up in the Nectar Loft and Heydy and I took the Forest Cottage. Our place had an outdoor shower on the deck! yes, completely outside, but covered in just enough for some privacy but a full view of the majestic forest that surrounds you. What an experience that was! It is a must-do if you stay here. 

Also on the must-do-list would be to experience the unique Yoga Dome that Andrea teaches out of.  Okay,…so I may wear yoga pants on the daily, but I would never consider myself to be Yogi in the slightest, lol. Luckily Andrea has an infectious calming effect and I was excited to try something new. We attended 3 guided Meditation & Yoga sessions during our stay each with different focuses. It ranged from slightly intense with some pilates influence to complete and utter relaxation using bolsters to stretch out areas we don't normally. I truly appreciated all the knowledge, wisdom and snippets of her own personal story she shared with us along the way. It’s been two years since they opened Nectar and started living out their dreams and am so happy for them and all their success. Did I mention she also cooks and serves a delicious & healthy breakfast each morning!? 

Meals together really gave us the chance to build on our connections with one another, whereas the meditation was great to reflect within. In ways our personal challenges are all different, and in ways they are all the same but Motherhood for all four made for an immediate bond. We stayed up late sharing many stories and laughs (and perhaps some wine) and let go of our day to day worries. It was because of Janette’s wonderful message of Self-Love and her desire to share it with others that we all found ourselves on the trip. I feel so fortunate that I was one of them and to have the help from family to make it possible. Having 3 kids 4 and under and a business to run makes it important to take some time out to keep your cup full. I was anticipating a crazy rest of the month so this was the perfect trip to relax and recharge to head into it. 

This mid-week getaway was also the perfect inspiration to truly kick off my blog. Janette, Kat & Heydy are incredibly successful bloggers and it was fun to take a behind the scene glimpse into their world. I am so thankful for each of you! So here we are, welcome to the blog! Excited to share more of my images and the stories behind them - you might just see some of these ladies  coming to the studio for a taste of my world. #selfcare


If you are looking for the perfect girl getaway, or time with a loved one, this would be the perfect spot. I would be back in a heartbeat! Connect with them below:

Facebook: Nectar Yoga B&B Bowen Island
Twitter: @NectarYogaBnB
Instagram: @nectaryogabnb